The Season Of Elegance

In addition to the traditional four seasons of the year, Robert Long Flora & Event Design celebrates a fifth, somewhat bewitching season of elegance called “WHITE AUTUMN.” This temporal season begins around the date of the autumnal equinox and lasts only a few short weeks.  It is defined by two natural occurrences; first, in a sudden change in the weather noticed by a coolness in the air and secondly, by a continuation of the lush, green foliage of plants and trees shortly before they burst into color. These two elements combine to create a tipping point in nature, a season where nature is sublimely elegant in her appearance, regal in soft, neutral shades of white, cream, green and brown. It’s easy to think of this suspended time as a cleansing of the visual palette, a time-out from the annual onslaught of the multitude of traditional colors throughout the year – the pastels of Spring, strong primary colors of Summer, bright and bold tones of Autumn followed by the celebratory colorful hues of the holidays.
flower 9
White Autumn affords us a time to relax, refresh and enjoy such visual delights as found in pale green and putty-colored hydrangeas, abundantly-blooming white iceberg roses and white-blossomed wild clematis. It’s also a time to enjoy meandering, tender, green-berried porcelain and bittersweet vine. Equally inspiring are brown and buff-colored woodland textures such as mushrooms, moss, lichen, acorns, pods and nuts scattered among groupings of the emerald green leaves of galax plants (wandflower) carpeting the forest floor. Drawing from these botanical treasures we take our cue in presenting a fresh and novel approach to flowers and flora design during this unique time of year. It’s our wish that you participate in the joy of the season and hopefully inquire about possessing an expression of the year’s most elegant season – “WHITE AUTUMN.”