Nothing In Excess

In early Summer 2014, the meaningful date of Monday, September 22, 2014, the autumnal equinox, was chosen as the auspicious time to launch the inaugural version for the Robert Long Flora and Event Design website. Since then, ideas on how to best present what encompasses our business footprint, as well as our personal passions, have been discussed in detail. In short, an exercise in “Know Thyself.” The result is a flashlight glimpse into a sometime nighttime sky full of bright points of information. In a labored attempt to see the natural world, it’s flora and fauna, and to examine  it’s earthly and celestial delights, the autumnal equinox date serves symbolically as a timely celebration in declaring the Robert Long central philosophy – “Nothing in Excess” - the ultimate expression of the all-important idea of balance in all things, especially in the world of creative design.

In our world of using flowers and flora as a medium in which to design, balance guides us to see the relationship between height, hue, harmony and history – something we refer to as The 4 – H Club – a nod to past adolescent learning experiences. This philosophy of balance also shows up in the planning of all of our events, parties and weddings, either small intimate dinner parties or grand complex affairs. A delicate balance of the studied five senses – vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch – combine to enlighten us about the decisive sixth sense which is the last consideration in the decision making process. The final result culminates in our mantra of restrained elegance, the term “elegance” referring to a proportioned sense of beauty arising from nature.

We are thrilled to be able to present in the coming months, other subjects and ideas that we are currently working on where the concept of “Nothing in Excess” rules our sensibilities. Notably, the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the ascension of George I and the resulting reign of balance and symmetry in design during the golden age of the Georgian Period (1714 – 2014).

If beauty and knowledge control your heartbeat and the muses rule your passions, then we invite you to join us at Robert Long Flora and Event Design in a life well examined. Through the humanities – history, art, languages, literature, philosophy and other academic disciplines, we “Make Our Pledge” to offer our explanation of the world through the simplicity and meaning of a single flower.

“Know Thyself”
“Nothing in Excess”
“Pledge Yourself”
Three inscriptions at the oracle of Delphi in Greece, dedicated to Apollo.

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  1. Shaun O'Dwyer

    Simply delightful! Robert Long your an amazing designer and I’m honored to have been working with you for over 17 years.